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The Salty And Sustainable Standard: Fashion, Adventure, Sustainability, Nature, Business

Quick-dry microfiber towel ponchos and fluffy toweling ponchos at the beach on adventure lovers
Our core lifestyle and beach item- the towel poncho

Hi Salties. Its Christie here! I thought a blog, as old-school as this concept might be to you, would be an effective way for us to get some keywords spotted on the good old search engines as well as open up interesting conversations with our beloved customers and friends of the brand. We always have a lot to say and most of the time don’t end up saying it!

kids in rash vests that are UV protected for the best sun protection, running and adventuring
Kids at the beach playing in our sun protective swimwear

These posts will be relatively short and speedy reads or a video or 2- but I have realised since our brand and product offering goes so much deeper than just selling you something beautiful and useful and the why behind our business is what drives us- we can go a little deeper than just posting a reel or pic too.

Our ‘why’ as you know is environmental as well as economic sustainability. Its also the love for adventure, nature and the need to dive right in to all things in life. We will chat and provide some good interesting content to learn from and debate on, around fashion, the environment, sustainability and supporting local as well as pop some epic adventure, travel and lifestyle content on too!

I am currently writing this post from Pune, India -visiting Jordan who lives and works here and this adventure has got me thinking and feeling inspired on all the above topics. What a melting pot of adventure, culture, business, textiles, fast fashion and a diverse and abundant environment! India post to follow…

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28 de jul. de 2023

Look forward to reading future blog posts Crystal!