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Dry-off in style

Salty C- our 100% local brand was born out of a love for the ocean and the need to just constantly dive right in to all things in life. Our products, from function to the look, are made for practicality and comfort -while still being stylish, beautiful and nature inspired all at the same time. From our printed apparel, to our deck chairs, our prints are unique to the brand made by local graphic designers.

Our customers are passionate about the outdoors, nature, functionality and living a life full of flair and adventure!

We are passionate about creating high quality items that last long working towards a goal building a community centred around slow fashion. Sustainability is a core value of ours. Let’s work together for a thriving South Africa by supporting local talent, creating jobs and protecting and enjoying this beautiful earth we call home. Follow us, shop with us and dive into the salty c lifestyle with us.

African Florals Tote bag on a deck chair
Girls in rash vests
close up of our label, made in South Afriva

Featured:  Summer Collection 2023/24

Salty C-233
ponchos on hammocks.jpg

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Salties in Salty C

Payment Options

If you'd like to make a payment via EFT or in installments, chat to us direct to place your order:

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Kate McLeod

Seriously one of the best local South African brands - authentic, great quality, best value for money, always on trend, the list goes on! I love my Salty C purchases, and will keep coming back for more as they make great gifts for everyone in your life. Couldn’t recommend Salty C enough - their response time and service is also top class. Thank you!

Ben Bradford

I Take my SaltyC beach-chair everywhere! Super easy to pack up and transport, unbelievably comfy and sits at the perfect level to have your feet up on a coolabox with a beeza in your hand A huge must if you enjoy a chill!

Sarah Yeats

I bought two towel ponchos for my surfer siblings. When my sister is at the beach she is in her poncho every day! Whether it’s when she’s playing bat and ball, or just drying off. My brother is a big surfer so he has loved his poncho for the ease of getting out of his wetsuit. 10/10 service and great products!


Ballito, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

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