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The Salty & Sustainable Standard: Summer gifting made easy

The holiday season in summer is often the season of gifting too, for many. Its an expenny time of the year between end of year social functions, taking trips and gifting. The budget gets stretched and tested and we often go into

a state of denial or a 'thats January's problem" mindset.

At Salty C we believe in slow fashion- thus want our favourite smart consumers to shop wisely, buying quality items when gifting that last longer. What is the catch? Well its price of course. How do you stick to the budget while buying quality?

There is an inbetween range we have found out! And you can shop with us to get this. Our products have beeeen tried and tested over the past 4 years even before we launched! I have been using the samples and protypes since then! My original Salty C cap, towel poncho and microfiber poncho, my microfiber towel, hannah one-piece and the first bikini we ever made are still my staple beach items to this day! I am so proud of it!! Yes they may look quite faded and worn but they are still providing the goods for my active and outdoors lifestyle.

Therefore we would highly recomnend you shop your gifts this season with us!

Gift Ideas:

-Our caps coming in at R230 make fantastic unisex secret santa gifts!

-Our tote bags make easy to pack super lightweight gifts for those friends and family who have to travel far and wide with their presents! They are sturdy, machine washable and can fit the world in them- I use mine every day as a work bag/beach bag/ overnight bag!! you name it.

-Our quick-dry towels and ponchos are the perfect holiday accessory. Useful, easy to pack and so lightweight for travel.

-Our wide-brim hats at R360 are that little bit extra on the budget front but guarantee you high quality sun protection.

-Don't know what to get those nieces and nephews and grand kids?? try our kids towel ponchos- as a one-size fits all from ages 3-11yrs you seriously can't go wrong with this long lasting useful item for those little swimmers.

-Get matching boardies for all the boys in the family!!

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