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The Salty & Sustainable Standard: Green not Black Friday

Salties- we have been running a small Green Friday campaign! Our online store sales started Saturday the 18th of November at 8am and run until Sunday the 26th November at 8pm.

What is a green-friday sale? As you may know from past years we don't love the fact that black-friday leads to excess and unnessecary spending. We only want you to consume what you need.

2 Tips on more eco-friendly shopping, obvious but gentle reminders!

1. Buy a bikini when your last one is falling apart or one that you know you will use as well as all your other bikinis. Don't judt get caught becuase it is a good deal!

2. If you/re tired of the clothes you have, make sure to thrift them before you buy new ones!

There are many ways to keep things green and to still treat yourself every now and again or freshen up your wardrobe.

As we have harped on about for the past couple of years we stand against over-consumption and the unneccessary shopping that we feel like black friday often promotes. We do see value in giving people the chance to buy things they really need

or have been wanting for a while but have been unable to as the cost has been a bit out of reach and black Friday now makes this possible. We want to do the same for you. Our small sales on most items hopefully make these things that you've been eyeing out for a while now within your budget. BUT don't just buy for the sake of buying people! We want Salty C to be accessible to all and we want to give you the chance to buy something and

really use it till it is threadbare. We are talking years and years, DEACADES in the case of our ponchos, promoting ULTA slow fashion.

To you, you conscious buyers... have a look- shop now if neccessary!

With every black Friday purchase get a note from us on plantable seed paper, nuture it and watch your plant grow! Spend and plant!

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