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The Salty & Sustainable Standard: Cape Town Bound For Christie

You know when a change just feels like its right and its important? This is how I feel right now. Salty C and I will be moving to Cape Town mid-August!

My loyal love for Ballito and the North Coast is completely unchanged and it is a place where I feel I’d love to end up living one day. Beautiful friends, pristine beaches, the perfect climate, a healthy, nature loving, welcoming and inclusive community with a strong drive for success in all senses of the word are things hard to walk away from. But its more like an “I'll see you later”.

Ending up in Ballito in 2020 was fully out of my control as COVID hit and really not my plan but it has blossomed into something truly beautiful. Salty C launched in August 2020 and was initially just planned as a side hustle of sorts until I returned to London but it is now the main thing and I’m so glad its all happened.

With our wide manufacturing network and cherished work relationships in the Durban surrounds we have built over the past 3.5 years we will keep manufacturing Durban based as per the current systems as well as online distribution there. Nothing much will change - I just feel it will be really important for me to have a more on the ground presence in the Cape. The markets and pop-up shops we have been a part of locally in KZN have created such a solid foundation for a strong and loyal customer base and for brand awareness that has paved the way so well for us in KZN. We feel the same is needed in the Cape! And we know our target market is there as we ship 80% of our online orders there. I do have some market managers and sales assistants based in KZN so we may pop-up around from time-to time. My mum, Carol, will join me in the business running KZN operations- what a privilege! Customers will still be able to try on and shop from my home office and stock room in Salt Rock as we have done in the past as well as in my new home in Muizenberg where I will hold some stock too.

I am so excited for this new chapter. Lets watch Salty C grow. And we are ever grateful to you for supporting local. Cape Townians- we will see you around very soon!!

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