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The Salty And Sustainable Standard: Womens Month

What does womens month mean to you?

1956 Women's March in South Africa

I love the fact that women's day has turned into a whole month of celebrations! This is necessary. We need time to let the magnitude of what women have done in the past and what women do everyday, to sink in.

Women's day for me means we get to set aside time to embrace being a woman; to pay tribute to generations of women who struggled in the past and the oppresive history South African women have faced to pave the way for us today; to celebrate the strength, unity and resilience of the women in 1956 who were a catalyst for change and it also means we can meditate on how best we can make change and an impact today to hopefully pave the way for future generations of women to come.

It also gives us a time to acknowledge the privileges and opportunities that come with being a women today and the difficulties women face due to their extremely entrenched roles in society and how we can change that.

It also means so much more than this! This is just my take on the it- I'd love to hear more from you. We'd love to hear your experiences as women in the workplace, as women business owners and entrepreneurs, as corporate queens as mothers and sisters and friends. Feel free to share what womens day or month means to you in the comments.

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