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The Salty And Sustainable Standard: Threads- is it the new Twitter and are you on It?

Another online social media and networking service operated by Meta Platforms and in my opinion and much of popular opinion Instagram's version of Twitter. Do you see everyone moving over there? Will they take over Twitter- sho we can only watch and see!!

Instagram is sooo smart. Giving you a number to display to all at the top of your bio like you're a part of something powerful- they sold Salty C with this- they make you want that number @XXXXXXXX too. Get on board- move with the current, don't fight against the current. I do believe this though- we must be willing to adapt to change. Whenever I hear myself moaning about a new social media or online platform I catch myself thinking about how much like a millenial I really sound!!

Question- If you're on Twitter and Threads what is more valuable to you, do you see a vast difference in the content and conversations?

I am still learning and exploring. One thing we do love though is how captions and words matter on this platform- Instagram is all about what you watch and see and gather from in a short attention grabbing video but at least here everyone is back to remembering how to read and using our brains again and re-learning how to focus on actual words. What a relief.

Thoughts on threads??

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