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The Salty And Sustainable Standard: The Inception of the Poncho

The towel poncho, AKA my first love. This is our favourite product of all and best seller too. We have perfected our design from comfort, functionality and look. We have also made them in different fabrics to suit your various needs.

Where did it all begin? I guess the answer is the same as how the whole Salty C story began. It all started with a poncho.

I was working at a surfing backpackers in Cornwall England during my travels a few years back and noted the usefulness of this item. I noticed this because EVERYONE used one in the carpark while suiting up (cold but beautiful water!!) and post-surf. They were covered-up and warm when changing- I saw no naked bums in the car park unlike Durbs- trust the Brits to cover-up lol- but it did just make sense! It actually made more than sense!! I soon realised that you didn't get a more useful item. It meant easy changing, no balancing on one foot and trying to hold a towel in place, and afterwards it was super warm and cosy and no other kit was needed either!! One noticeable feature of these Cornwall surfers' ponchos… they were all boring and plain black. Insome instances they were just 2 old towels sewn together! But what a value add to endless sessions on the Coast of Cornwall during one of the most beautiful Northern Hemisphere summers I’ve ever had.

I returned to SA that December and my mind was racing with ideas. And ponchos were at the front and centre of it. The endless use and functionality of this product was just so glaringly obvious. I’d been backpacking and staying in hostels and shared dormitory’s and was convinced that the poncho was the perfect towel for this kind of thing too- change easy and covertly around others, walk to communal bathrooms with ease, if you leave your clothes- no worries mate! This was the answer. I then thought of the multiple sports it could be put to great use at and would transform that experience-swimming, water polo, paddling, diving, body boarding, aqua aerobics- even just going to the gym to train. I searched high and low for these ponchos- I could barely find anything. At that stage it was just Ripcurl, Billabong and Ocean and Earth making super simple plain black, navy and grey sorta thing. I though yes please- I’m going to do this.

I wanted them to be beautiful, so I decided to print on the quick-dry microfiber in our own unique prints created by local graphic designers and exclusive to the brand. I also chose this fabric due to it being sooo super lightweight to fold up and carry for travelling, due to its ability to dry so well that you can use it from morning session to afternoon and be warm and dry, its printable and easily customizable nature, as well as it being slightly lighter weight for our HOT SA summers. I also thought we still needed the fluffy regular toweling option in plain colours as in the Winter this is Luxe!! Some people also just aren’t into the microfiber and some people just like your plain and simple original options.

And bammmm the foundation and core product of Salty C was created! From there the ideas have just flowed and I have been inspired to create a diverse nature inspired range with goods that are practical and beautiful at the same time.

I dare you to get your hands on a poncho and witness how life changing this item is.

My personal favourite use of the ponchos( I have all of them, style, fabric, print and size- of course, jk lol but not actually jk)?? Is actually using my white thick fluffy toweling one after a bath!!

Happy poncho shopping!

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