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The Salty and Sustainable Standard: Springbok Fever

Yes please, the much anticipated 2023 Rugby World Cup is well underway! What an absolute vibe. As we all know for South Africa this is a massive event. Rugby is one of our top performing sports in the international arena as well as the fact that it holds so much history for us. Since our victory in the 1995 World Cup fresh into the post-apartheid era and Nelson Mandela standing up with our trophy- it has been somewhat of a symbol that has brought this nation together.

With a rocky history of transformation in the sport in the past to now, where we see such genuine transformation- sho, this fills me with pride and makes me think many sports could take a leaf out of rugby in South Africas book. Chasing the Sun, the docu-series, has been an epic insight into all of this and really shows how our team doesn't play for just themselves or for honour or for the game but they play for the country. It is unreal to see players with tough backgrounds being heroes and role models for the kids of today and how this sport can make us all look past our differences as a nation and see the similarities instead.

We are so onboard with this bok fever and it honestly fills me with the most amount of stoke. I couldn't feel more patriotic if I tried. I am so proud of this country and so proud to be a South African. It's powerful.

Oh yes and we have made some bokke merch for you- our caps and hats! We wouldn't want you to pass up the opportunity to get another piece of kit that truly boasts who you are supporting. Let's come together in green and gold. Nkosi sikelel' iAfrika. Let us stand united.

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