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The Salty And Sustainable Standard: A tiny insight into the planning behind our new collections

Our latest print by Liam Macsweeney in the Tippy Bikini

Choosing what to create is one of my favourite parts of running my own business. Its creative, its exciting and there is no better feeling seeing your vision come to life. The hardest part? Trying to please all my unique and fabulous customers! Usually when coming up with designs I suss the latest trends and pull together ideas of what I like mixed with what is trending. I chat to customers and friends and do some market research to come up with something that is in keeping with our ethos of comfort, practicality, style, nature inspired and adventure ready. Often it is something that I like and that I know would suit my ocean centred lifestyle to a T!

When it comes to the prints I love to use each individual graphic designers flair. We pride ourselves on creating garments locally from start to finish, from the print to the finished product.

And if a print is popular, expect to see a variety of our range in it- families from the littlies to mom and dad -you can all match!

We have come up with an exciting fresh summer 23/24 collection coming to you this week!

High quality

Browse our website or view our socials to see more!

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