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Salty C Vibe- Ocean, outdoors, sustainability, support local

Our Vibe

Hello and welcome Salty people, its Christie here. Salty C is a 100% local South African business which produces garments and accessories designed for the beach, swimming and outdoors. We manufacture our goods using local graphic designers, locally sourced raw materials, South African printers, and local CMT skills, from start to finish. 

About us and our customers

The brand was born out of my love for the ocean and the need to just constantly dive right in to all things in life. Our products, from function to the look, are made for practicality and comfort while still being stylish, beautiful and nature inspired all at the same time. We believe that drying-off and beach changing should be done in style and made easy too which is why we developed our unique microfiber ponchos.

From our printed apparel, to our deck chairs, our prints are unique to the brand made by local graphic designers.

Our customers are passionate about the outdoors, nature, functionality and living a life full of flair and adventure!


Our products are centred around slow fashion and designed to be long lasting and of high quality. Sustainability is a core value and we regularly host beach clean-ups involving our community. Furthermore, we partner with various environmental causes and initiatives which take place weekly or monthly and contribute by donating a portion of our profits to these initiatives.

Our focus on using South African materials and skills is positive for our community and country, and we are committed to sustaining this fundamental principle, as opposed to sourcing cheaper, lower quality imported products. Our materials and processes are also environmentally friendly. 

For example, in the printing of our materials, we use sublimation printing which is a remarkably eco-friendly and sustainable method in the realm of garment printing. This technique boasts a high level of safety for both the environment and workers health, making it a preferred choice in the industry. The inks used in sublimation printing are the most environmentally friendly type, and the process generates zero waste as any by productss are recycled and upcycled.

Our ultimate goal in garment production is to transition using 100% recycled fabrics, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility. However, at present, achieving this objective faces challenges, primarily driven by the need to balance price points and quality requirements. The technology of recycled fabrics is evolving rapidly, and we are staying abreast of these developments so that we can transition to these products at the earliest opportunity. We are working with our suppliers to understand their options and strategies to become more eco-friendly. Another area of focus is understanding the full life cycle of our products, including washing and steaming. Our designs take into account these factors which all add up in the carbon footprint which we and our products generate. We are continually working on minimizing this.

Job Creation

We are all about job creation and employing local too- instead of using one large scale CMT team where we could cut costs, we prefer to use a wide variety of smaller operations, and local seamstresses working from their homes.


We love South Africa, and the natural beauty that is at our fingertips. Let’s work together for a thriving South Africa by supporting local talent, creating jobs and protecting and enjoying this beautiful earth we call home. Follow us, shop with us and dive into the Salty C lifestyle with us.

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